How Austin Will Keep Its Soul

Sunday | March 15 | 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
​​​​​​Austin is home to many well-known brands that have grown and evolved right alongside the city. From technology to retail and more, various industries are making their mark on the city and contributing to the local economy – making Austin a hub for innovation, creativity, and more. But with that growth comes change. More people are moving to the city each day, traffic is building by the minute, and skyscrapers are changing Austin’s skyline. So how will the city known for keeping things weird keep its soul? Join leaders from Dell Technologies and other companies born right here in Austin, Texas for a discussion on how Austin has evolved over the years, what issues have developed as the city itself developed, and how the very brands who helped put Austin on the map can give back to the community and encourage other companies on the rise to do the same. Then stay for a special celebration that is uniquely Austin – featuring the type of food, art, and music that have all contributed to the city’s soul.



The Sunset Room

310 E. 3rd St

Austin, TX